Mandi Milburn

I have 3 amazing kids and my amazing husband whom are my inspiration in all that I do. After having kids, I realized how much information and decisions on products are needed to have a baby. With lots of help from my awesome big sister and countless hours of research, I began to find products that I loved. 

I began baby wearing right away and found that my baby was less fussy and very comfortable being close with mommy.  

I was a little hesitant to start cloth diapering as I didn't know much about it. After some research and help from my sister, I felt I was ready to give it a try. I am so glad I did and wished I had tried it sooner. There are many reasons I love cloth diapering, diaper blow outs are very rare, cost is low and great for my baby. 

I love making my own baby food. It takes a little to get a routine and figure what works best for you. But knowing my baby is getting fresh wholesome baby food makes me happy. 

The Visalia area has grown to a good sized community over the years I have lived here, but still hard to find some of the modern baby products that I was looking for. So with most natural parenting options only available online or an hour drive away.  With Little Dots of Sunshine, I hope to offer more opportunities to those in the area to learn about baby wearing, cloth diapering and other things baby and how they can enhance their parenting options.